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Innovative Learning Environments

April 16, 2013 by kjclaridge

This national post occupancy study commissioned by the Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) includes evaluations of four schools. The schools selected represent a diverse spectrum of students ranging from birth to adults, and have specific programmatic elements that presented interesting design challenges. The final study is derived from visits to each selected... more

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Bridging Two Needs: Celebrating tradition through architecture

May 15, 2012 by kjclaridge

EVO, A Green Schoolhouse Serices Publication By Sim Barhoum May 2012 Oceanside High School Performing Arts Center, Oceanside, CA New Performing Arts Center will celebrate rich architectural heritage Last year in Oceanside, Calif., school trustees and administrators spoke to a boardroom full of architects and consultants... more

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Unique Site Results in Exceptional School

May 14, 2012 by kjclaridge

EVO February 2012 Innovative school designed to maximize learning and environmental responsibility Saperstein Middle School, Stephen Wise Temple, Los Angeles This 240 student middle school sits on a rugged shelf, carved out of a hillside above the Sepulveda Tunnel in the hills above West Los Angeles. Situated on the Scenic... more

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It Takes A Villiage…An Urban Village

December 9, 2011 by kjclaridge

"NEXT" Fall 2011, John R. Dale, FAIA, LEED AP   Being in middle school is like being … well … in the middle. And the transition from elementary to middle school is tough. The building is so big and so unfamiliar you can get lost. There are classes in different rooms with different teachers, all of whom give homework. New faces fill the halls. And then there are the endless rows of... more

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