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2030. The year 2030 has taken on important significance as a target date for all of our designs to achieve carbon neutrality. As we strive to meet this challenge, our clients receive healthier environments with lower operating costs. The end game is Win-Win.



In 2009 Harley Ellis Devereaux became an early adopter of the AIA 2030 Commitment.  In short, the AIA 2030 Committment is the architecture profession's response to Ed Mazria's 2030 Challenge.  The 2030 Challenge calls upon the global architecture and building community to adopt fossil fuel reduction targets, in 5 year increments from a 60% decrease in 2010 to carbon neutrality (using no fossil fuel GHG emitting energy to operate).in 2030.

What HED is doing?

With the understanding that "one cannot manage what they have not measured," Harley Ellis Devereaux has recently completed its third year of design portfolio reporting.  Now, with a substantial base to improve upon, we are enhancing our integrated design process to move all of our projects toward the next benchmark goal of 70% reduction in 2015.

Visit the 2030 Challenge Website. and the AIA 2030 Committment Website: