College of Engineering Campus, Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, Michigan

New College of Engineering Campus


  • Collaborative Learning.The College of Engineering Campus provides engineering research facilities through a combination of general teaching and specialized departmental labs connected through an open and transparent design.

  • Distinctive facades of stone, glass, and metal, signal special interaction spaces within, while sequencing the schools' long exterior elevations into scaleable sections.
  • An iconic tower of aluminum and stainless steel captures the blue skies of Western Michigan while contrasting with the engineering school that hugs the ground in stable repose.
  • An articulated massing apporach and an integration with the natural landscape mark the university's commitment to sustainable design that is in concert with the environment.
  • Connecting walkways and pedestrian pathways that are enhanced by landscaping and site furniture, show a wholistic approach to site and building circulation.
  • A rigorously defined open, two story entry lobby stimulates the senses and provides a fitting front door to a student-focused learning facility.
  • Capable of extreme technical procedures, this clean room laboratory showcases the state-of-the-art functions that occur within the school.
  • Industrial strength, high-bay laboratory spaces outfitted with a robust service infrastructure give the school an unlimited choice of expermental investigation.
  • The ascending spire of light and glowing lanterns of the engineering school make for a powerful presence against the night sky.

people involved in this project:

Michael F. Cooper