Valley Care Health

Livermore, California

LifestyleRx Wellness Center



  • LifestyleRx is a new two-story facility relocates patient rehabilitation functions from an acute care setting to that of an Office Building. In this case, Physical Medicine, Physical Therapy and other rehabilitation services are combined with nutrition planning and a community accessible fitness club.
  • The result is a full-service gym that blends the needs of recovering patients in the positive and energized environment of an upscale fitness center. Patient areas are segregated from community spaces to respect confidentiality and to provide a sense of dignity.
  • These areas are organized to provide clear circulation and line-of-site from the nurse station to patients. In addition, the various types of rehabilitation therapies were segregated to provide staffing efficiencies and allow for monitoring of patient vitals where appropriate.
  • The open design features natural daylight in all areas with extensive use of skylights and glazed partitions.