University of Toledo - Health Science Campus

Toledo, Ohio

Intensive Care Unit


  • Design focus. The interior environment reflects a balance between hospital standards and innovative approaches to design that focus on improved outcomes for patients and staff. The interior design is sustainable, adaptable and can be enhanced and implemented in subsequent renovations.

  • The design was developed with consideration for a master plan concept for a future mega-ICU that would encompass the entire floor, which currently is a mixed environment of general nursing and ICU.
  • Patient rooms utilize same-handed design and incorporate welcoming space for families. Substantial amounts of butt-jointed glass (combination of clear, translucent & opaque with decorative patterns) are used throughout the unit to provide observation as well as maintain some visual privacy as appropriate.
  • Patients lie on therapeutic mattresses designed to reduce the incidence of skin pressure ulcers. The beds can connect to the electronic medical record system and alert caregivers to falls and other health risks.
  • The unit's decentralized layout keeps nurses closer to patients and includes automated hand-washing machines aimed at reducing the risk of secondary infections.
  • The conference room is equipped with wireless and audio visual technology allowing physicians to view procedures and provides space for doctors to discuss complex cases and strategies for patient care.