Sun Valley Branch Library

Los Angeles, California


  • This branch is a single story 12,500 square foot facility supporting traditional civic library functions.
  • The project is a testament to the power of community participation. Our firm presented design concepts, including strategies to optimize on-site water management, thermal performance, daylighting, and material use to the surrounding neighborhoods and City agencies at regular open meetings. We encouraged public input on programmatic, architectural
  • Balancing its approach to building a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure in a flexible space, the design team ensured this library’s capacity to serve the public’s needs well into the future while demonstrating environmental responsibility.
  • The program supports a variety of public functions as an information resource outlet including a homework center, community forum, storytelling sessions, computer training, and guest author appearances.
  • Both the building’s orientation and configuration, and the use of various light control devices and spectrally selective glazing control heat gain and prevent glare while maximizing daylight, thereby reducing the need for cooling and artificial lighting.
  • The choice of Concrete Masonry was an energy efficiency design strategy, where the CMUs are insulated on the exterior and exposed to the interior to help modulate interior temperatures. Concrete Masonry was also chosen for both its durability and appearance.

people involved in this project:

J. Peter Devereaux

Chairman and CEO