St. John Hospital and Medical Center

Detroit, Michigan

Van Elslander (North) Pavilion


  • Fresh.The Van Elslander Pavilion represents a new direction for the St. John Campus. Accessibility, ease in wayfinding and a focus on patient care are principle themes developed in the architecture.

  • The Van Elslander Pavilion is the first of two new patient bed and diagnostic and treatment towers. The project is intended to expand vertically with two additional levels of patient beds.
  • Visitors arrive under a canopy and enter the two-story, light filled lobby that includes a dramatic donor wall.
  • All 144 patient rooms were designed with families in mind and include beautiful furniture and fixtures, private bathrooms and sofas, and a flat-screen television. The privacy of the rooms is enhanced by sound absorbing materials that help maintain a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Nurse pods with charting alcoves are supported by centally located nurse stations to assure the very best patient care.
  • The 1st and 3rd floors consist of 26 new imaging rooms, including 6 heart cath labs, 2 special procedure labs, 2 EP Labs, 8 x-ray and radio fluoroscopy, 3 CAT scan labs, 4 gamma camera labs and 2 nuclear medicine & radio isotopes.
  • Thirty individual waiting areas are distributed throughout the facility.
  • The two-story dining hall with seating for 350 persons is centrally placed making it easily accessible to the entire campus.
  • The hosiptal strives to provide fresh, homemade meals cooked from scratch. The meals offered in the cafeteria include seasonal ingredients and are prepared by St. John’s executive chef.
  • The kitchen at St. John Hospital prepares nearly 4 million meals for patients and visitors each year.
  • The seven-story addition was developed as a freestanding but interconnected entity. The first, third and seventh floor levels align with the existing hospital. All other floors are connected via a common stair and double-sided elevators.

people involved in this project:

Timothy B. Reamer

Electrial Engineering Leader

Ronald W. Herzog

Project Management