Salvation Army, Stern Red Shield Center

Chicago, Illinois

New Recreation + Community Center


"The Red Shield Center ... offers a safe haven from the streets for young + old alike, through ... sports + recreation activities each + every day."


  • Located in Chicago’s Englewood Community the Salvation Army Red Shield Center will bring much needed programs and services to this inner city area through a variety of athletic, social/spiritual, and life skill programs.
  • The project contains approximately 60,000 square feet and occupies a full city block fronting on 69th Street. Site development includes parking for 70 cars, extensive landscaping, and hardscape spaces.
  • Athletics Facilities
  • The sports/recreation “large box” component is located to the West of the atrium and includes a large multipurpose gymnasium with elevated running track, athletics, health and physical fitness rooms, and support spaces.
  • Fitness Room
  • Detailed program review and development discussions as well as organized Focus Group meetings were held with the diverse user groups to determine the overall project program, scope, client mission, space allocation, furniture and equipment needs, activity flow/functional relationships.
  • The design of the center enforces the presence on 69th Street, a major neighborhood artery. Entrances are clearly marked and welcoming to the community. Varying daylight needs required by the diverse program are addressed through fenestration and building orientation.
  • The new community center is designed and sited to address its main “face” along 69th Street, as well the new playground and campus park of the adjacent Wentworth Elementary Chicago Public School.
  • The building is organized into two primary functional components connected by a two story glass atrium which acts as the primary circulation spine between these two volumes.
  • The three story portion located to the East of the atrium houses the social/arts/music components of the center including a 200 seat flexible space for performing arts/music programs, a child/infant day care center, youth enrichment/Head Start Program, after-school youth activities, social development services for all ages, job skills training incl
  • Children performing
  • At night the two story atrium and glass entrances serve as a beacon to the surrounding community.
  • Harley Ellis Devereaux worked closely with the Salvation Army Metropolitan Division in support of their mission for serving this inner city community on the Near South Side.
  • Early planning took into account future growth and expansion for long range planning considerations, project budget parameters, and Building & Zoning Code issues.
  • Administrative Space
  • Seniors