Pops for Champagne

Chicago, Illinois

New Champagne Bar


“Champagne is clean, clear, sparkling, vibrant – it’s fun. We wanted our new look to make that statement, to mirror that.”

Linda Verhey, Co-owner, Pops for Champagne
  • Their thinking. After 24 years in Lake View, Pops for Champagne moved to bustling River North. The owners wanted to expand their clientele to bring in the after-work crowd, out-of-town visitors, and weekend clubbers to give them a new experience. They also have loyal customers who want to continue to learn about the bubbly.

  • One of the nation’s only Champagne bars, Pops for Champagne is upscale and sleek.
  • Pops for Champagne is located in the upscale River North area of Chicago in the Trees Studio building, a designated Chicago landmark.
  • “The trendy bars come and go; that’s not us. We have a loyal clientele. They’re sophisticated, they want to learn. We like giving people new experiences,” Linda Verhey, Co-owner, Pops for Champagne.

people involved in this project:

Enrique Suarez

Corporate Marketing Leader