Student Union, Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles, California

New Student Union, Design-Build Delivery, LEED Gold


"The Harley Ellis Devereaux team has performed extremely well, working proactively to address challenges"

Dr. Jamillah Moore, Former President, Los Angeles City College
  • "This striking new student union is destined to be one of the most popular and heavily used buildings on campus,” said Renee Martinez, president of Los Angeles City College, “With multiple meeting spaces and the services students want and need, this will be a center of student life."

  • The Student Union Building was designed in a design build process that began with a successful design competition with S.J. Amoroso. The building was designed to provide students with amenities and special qualities that will keep them on campus and more engaged with their learning environment.
  • The new Student Union at Los Angeles City College is a landmark, multi-story building in the heart of campus.
  • Student Union first floor - lobby area
  • Space for dining allows for natural daylight to filter in
  • Central Stair with View to ASO Desk,Exposed Concrete for Thermal Mass
  • The transparent quality of the building invites the passerby into the facility by displaying a variety of activities offered by the Student Union.
  • Computer Lab
  • Student Lounge Area
  • Second Floor overlooking lobby
  • Stairs leading to Third Level
  • Performance Space and Banquet Facility
  • “The Anchor Volume” Forming the South East Campus Corner

people involved in this project:

Brent T. Miller

Los Angeles

Daniel S. Benjamin

Architecture + Design Leader

Michael Bulander

Architecture + Design Leader