IMRA America, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Corporate Research Center


  • A modular approach to the planning and design of the Corporate Research Center facilitated multi-phased expansion in several directions.
  • Each building component has its own distinctive architectural style; an exterior brick skin ties them together on the 17-acre site and helps achieve an attractive, unified character.
  • The Central Courtyard, with its tinted glass windows, helps “fill” all four building modules with natural light. It also reduces the number of lighting fixtures and associated energy costs.
  • Phase IV of the project provided new employee dining and breakout areas that offer a unique setting for project team interaction and discussion.
  • Extensive use of natural light, interior landscaping, high-quality open-office furniture systems, cheerful colors, and artwork create an enriched workplace.
  • Fully with the latest in A/V technology conference rooms are well suited to accommodate large technical discussions and to communicate globally with other IMRA facilities.
  • Each building house specialized research laboratories in support of a wide-range of advanced product development.

people involved in this project:

Mark E. Karaba

Architecture + Design