Gilroy Community Library

Gilroy, California

City of Gilroy


..they [HED] have consistently demonstrated excellent communication skills, willingness to listen, and a flexible, responsive, innovative approach...

Melinda Cervantes, County Libarian
  • "This is such a relaxing place to sit, I'll definitely come here after school to study," said a 15-year-old Christopher High School freshman

  • Harley Ellis Devereaux provided full service, architectural and engineering design for this new 52,600sf public library constructed to replace an existing 12,800sf library.
  • Stately arched windows, the use of wood, and an airy ambiance impart a natural transition from the outside world into the library.
  • View into main lobby space. A prevalent theme throughout the library incorporates trees into the décor. In the downstairs and upstairs lobbies, glass panels exquisitely etched with images of branches add elegant flair to public spaces.
  • Children's reading area: "This is going to be an amazing place to do homework, especially if your house is loud," Sarhay said, who lives walking distance from the library. "Especially this section. It's so cozy and private, I can focus."
  • Students can study at the many spacious tables and plug their laptops into outlets powered by 4,400 square feet of solar panels, which will supply the library with an average 21 percent of its annual power needs.
  • Vast windows that seemingly take up entire walls, along with special “light tubes” funneling natural sunlight from the roof into the building, mitigate the need to flip on every single light switch.
  • An outdoor courtyard, shaded by a wood trellis that will someday be heavily cloaked in wispy vines of wisteria as it continues to grow.
  • The 20-foot, fire engine red bike rack near the library’s entryway and showers installed in the break room is an obvious encouragement for staff to ditch the car and opt for a transportation mode with a smaller carbon footprint.

people involved in this project:

Sean Bani

Electrical Engineering Leader

Bharat Patel

Engineering Leader

Vorapat Chuthakieo

Architecture + Design