Firelands Regional Medical Center

Sandusky, Ohio

Cancer Center


  • Vision. “A good place to go on living” was the holistic vision for the project. The design team embraced the philosophy that the journey of hope is as much about healing the body as it is about nurturing the spirit. The result is an environment that offers patients choices, comfort, compassion, and convenience.

  • The facility was designed as a complete wellness center for cancer patients and their families, combining the components of health and wellness, radiation oncology and medical oncology/chemotherapy in a dignified and reassuring environment.
  • The two-story atrium winter garden creates an uplifting, sensory experience with the healing qualities of abundant light, warmth and nature.
  • The Center combines advanced treatment with beautiful surroundings to encourage comfort, interaction and an overall optimistic atmosphere.
  • Evidence-based design shows that patients gain comfort through personal choice and positive distractions. Infusion patients can enjoy the rooftop garden, relax in front of the fireplace, or or overlook the atrium from a private balcony. These options allow groups to convene or individuals to retreat.
  • The meditation space creates a much needed area of respite for both patients and thier families.
  • The Cancer Center is attached to the hospital and connected to important diagnostic and therapeutic services via the two-story atrium and simple, straightforward connections. Lease arrangements allow medical oncologists to work side-by-side with hospital physicians and staff to provide convenient “one-stop” care for the patient.

people involved in this project:

David M. Jaeger

Healthcare Design Studio