Los Angeles, CA

New Construction of a Two-Tower $500-Million Mixed-Use Development that includes both luxury rental apartments and retail.


  • “We want to take advantage of the panoramic views, so the curve of the towers is facing the skyline, The owners had some concerns about the curve and the way it would affect floor plans, but we demonstrated that it is practical and works well.” - Daniel Benjamin

  • Located on a 2.7-acre parcel, Circa is a $500-million, mixed-use development that includes 648 luxury rental apartments and 48,000 square feet of retail. It will provide a desirable urban lifestyle in the heart of downtown LA's sports and entertainment district.
  • Furthering the high-tech, state-of-the-art vision for this District, an extensive LED light array with animated signage and public art wraps six above-grade parking levels (two below-grade parking levels also planned).
  • The towers feature a curved glass face that points toward Downtown’s skyline. Sleek façade protrusions add definition to the sides of the buildings.
  • Hanson LA provided unit layout and design for the residential interiors.
  • The empty lots around L.A. Live are quickly transforming into sites for glossy high-rises, and the newest entrant has been revealed: A development with two apartment towers is proposed for the southeast corner of Figueroa and 12th streets.
  • This mixed-use development is an attempt to activate a stretch of Figueroa Street across the street of L.A. Live, Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

people involved in this project:

Jeremy Hsu

Corporate & Commercial Design Studio

Daniel S. Benjamin

Architecture + Design Leader

Steve H. Klausner

Assoc. AIA
Project Management