Green Library, Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

Historic Renovation


"If ever there was a test of an architect’s technical skill...this was it. The [HED] team passed with flying colors."

Mark M. Jones, AIA, Facilities Project Management
  • Green Library suffered significant damage during the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989. This project is a reconstruction of the building following FEMA, Secertary of the Interior Standards and State Historic Preservation Guidelines.

  • Pictured is an exterior view of the Green Library at Stanford University. The library was originally designed in the Richardson Romanesque style by John Bakewell Jr. and Arthur Brown Jr. Architects in 1919.
  • Pictured is the grand stairway from the first to the second floor, surrounded by a colonnade on the second floor.
  • The second floor Lane Reading Room is light, airy, and simple.
  • The second floor Munger Rotunda, the space under a high cupola, is the central feature of the library.
  • The result of careful programming and design efforts, and attention to materials and detail, is the rebirth of a beloved and magnificent structure that is structurally sound, programmatically state-of-the-art, architecturally and historically sympathetic with the original design, and capable of functioning well into the next century.
  • New environmental systems, including: lighting, HVAC, communications, and state-of-the-art data systems, including over 400 outlets where patrons may "plug in" for direct access to the internet. The systems were carefully integrated into the historic fabric and structure of the building to help retain its original character.
  • Existing furniture and lighting fixtures were rehabilitated and new furniture and lighting fixtures were designed to relate to the original building architecture.

people involved in this project:

J. Peter Devereaux

Chairman and CEO

Brent T. Miller

Los Angeles