Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions, Beaumont Hospitals

Royal Oak, Michigan

9,000-square-foot cardiovascular center


  • High Tech. In addition to the hybid OR/Cath Suite, the Tyner Center also features an innovative learning facility designed for training physicians and technical staff in the latest cardiovascular procedures.

  • The new Tyner center allows Beaumont surgeons to perform the most advanced cardiac treatment with the least invasive approach, which translates to shorter hospital stays with faster recoveries and improved outcomes for patients.
  • Larger than most operating rooms, this hybrid operating room/catheterization suite provides ample space to accommodate a 12+ member team.
  • The center’s 1,600 sf hybrid operating room/catheterization suite is equipped with a high-definition, robotic fluoroscopy (X-ray) system and 3-D CT imaging and echocardiography monitoring. Natural daylight pours in through 25 linear feet of windows.
  • Control room design has ergonomic and staff safety in mind. The large window offers broad views into the OR and also protect staff from radiation. Custom work stations are tailored to create ergonomic environment that fight against fatigue and staff error.
  • Adjacent to the hybrid operating suite, the large, elevated observation room provides physicians and trainees a unique opportunity to view procedures in real time.
  • The center also has the capability to record and broadcast training courses to locations around the world.
  • In any day, video conferencing, procedure viewing, and simulation can be accommodated. Storage for specialty manikins, well-appointed catering / serving area, and various lighting options were all considered to provide for such a wide range of functions.
  • To assist in teaching and educational program, directly adjacent to the surgical observation space, via a glass partition, this conference and multipurpose room creates a space for education and collaboration.
  • As a unique and branded center within the hospital, a gracious lobby recognizes philanthropy, while welcoming visiting surgeons from around the globe. To capitalize on the inherit flexibility of the class room and clinical observation, separate entries are provided. Extensive use of glass provides an open environment.

people involved in this project:

Daniel R. Beney

Electrical Engineering

David M. Jaeger

Healthcare Design Studio

James A. Corsiglia

Structural Engineering Leader