Surgical Learning Center, Beaumont Hospitals

Royal Oak, Michigan

5,600-square-foot surgical learning center


“This Center is the resource that can shorten the learning curves for technical skills and train the entire team in a safe environment."

Dr. Charles Shanley, Senior Vice President and Chariman Surgical Services
  • Cutting edge. The Surgical Learning Center meets Beaumont Hospital’s strategic goals of enhancing surgical and workplace outcomes through a state-of-the-art surgical training facility using the most advanced technology and techniques available today.

  • The program consists of a bio-skills lab with ten stations, two mock operating rooms, associated control room to simulate clinical/operating scenarios, advanced IT and AV systems, distance learning classroom and breakout/conference areas.
  • The bio-skills area is an open lab containing eight fixed procedure tables, two mobile procedure tables and one instructor table of translucent solid surface material that appear to glow from a grid of overhead surgical lights. All systems are exposed overhead and painted black to bring focus on the activities below.
  • Two mock operating rooms replicate the environment and layout of Beaumont’s surgical suites, from tables and lighting to the inclusion of a scrub sink. The Center allows surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, technologists and other operating room personnel to train as a team. New surgeons can test their skills before ever stepping into an operating room.
  • The wall separating the entry zone from the medical activities beyond is clad in translucent blue panels, edge-lit, and provides a high tech “proscenium” entry into the bio-skills lab.
  • Breakout/conference areas allow for small group meetings to discuss the processes and outcome of a particular simulation. The Surgical Learning Center is equipped with an audio/visual system allowing interaction with the hospital’s operating rooms and globally with other hospitals and learning institutions.
  • The reception and conference area is contained within a glass greenhouse that projects into the light filled atrium of the hospital.

people involved in this project:

David M. Jaeger

Healthcare Design Studio

Daniel R. Beney

Electrical Engineering