Lee A. VanDeKerchove


Principal, Studio Leader
Science & Technology Design Studio

“I was attracted to Harley Ellis Devereaux because we share a design philosophy based on a rigorous and rational approach. Reduced to its most basic form, design can be defined as elegant problem solving, whether master planning a research campus, or trying to accommodate new equipment in an existing laboratory. In designing for the science-based client, we collaborate with end users and the engineering disciplines arriving at a cohesive solution satisfying all project programmatic requirements. What excites me as an architect is the added value we bring to the process as we strive to create solutions providing safe, flexible, and stimulating environments for our clients.”

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  • Agilent Technologies

    Santa Rosa, California

    The building is designed to protect the testing chamber and creates a showplace where Agilent can market their state of the art capability to their clients.

  • Morgan Hall Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley

    Berkeley, California

    Morgan Hall converted an underutilized shop and administrative space into new, state-of-the-art laboratory space.

  • Thoratec

    Pleasanton, California

    Thoratec Corporation is the leader the development of advance medical technologies to treat cardiovascular diseases.

  • BioMarin

    Novato, California

    BioMarin focuses on the development of biopharmaceutical therapeutics to address unmet medical needs.