James A. Corsiglia


Structural Engineering Leader

” Advancing Your World…by Design is not a catch phrase, rather a means to strong and creative structural engineering approach to support the harmony of the design and program for the owner. Working hand and hand with Designers, Architects, Engineers and Owners provides a deeply satisfying design for future generations to enjoy.”

Related projects

  • Chemistry Annex, University of Illinois

    Champaign, Illinois

    This project extended the life of a historic building well into the future by making it a benchmark for modern chemistry education.

  • Earth and Planetary Sciences Analytical Laboratories, Northwestern University

    Evanston, Illinois

    Working closely with the University, HED designed a new analytical geochemistry laboratory suite, with the goal of unifying the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

  • Integrative BioSciences Center, Wayne State University

    Detroit, Michigan

    The design of the IBio is intended to embody Wayne State University's vision of a truly multidisciplinary research facility.

  • LIFT

    Detroit, Michigan

    HED provided architectural and engineering services for both the interior and exterior renovation of AMLLII's new $148-million center for its LIFT partnership.

  • Kirk in the Hills

    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    A renovation and repurposing of spaces within the historic Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, one of the truly unique structures and grounds in the Detroit area.

  • The Clare

    Chicago, Illinois

    Renovation of a 15,000-square-foot assisted living floor

  • Lake Street Studios

    Chicago, IL

    Lake Street Studios encompasses 61, 300-square-foot SRO units that provide permanent housing solutions to low-income residents — 50% of whom were previously homeless — in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood.

  • Science and Allied Health Careers Building, Oakton Community College

    Des Plaines, Illinois

    This new careers facility covers a range of programs, including Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Earth Sciences, and Physics.

  • Detroit Medical Center

    Detroit, Michigan

    This new facility in the heart of the Detroit Medical Center will serve as a new gateway to this nationally known teaching hospital.

  • Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

    Rochester, Michigan

    In the development of new patient care units, a need to infuse more of a hospitality feeling into the traditional hospital was the goal.

  • Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions, Beaumont Hospitals

    Royal Oak, Michigan

    A 9,000-square-foot center for cardiovascular interventions that combines the latest cardiovascular procedures with on-site educational programs.

  • GreenPath Debt Solutions

    Farmington Hills, Michigan

    GreenPath, a nationwide non-profit consumer credit counseling service that helps people resolve financial problems.