The 2012 Green California Summit

April 27, 2012 -

The 2012 Green California Summit

In the Zone of Reality: How to Finance, Build and Operate Sustainable School Campuses Today

April 27, 2012

John Dale and Bharat Patel were presenters at the 2012 Green California Summit in April. Their topic was "In the Zone of Reality: How to Finance, Build and Operate Sustainable School Campuses Today"
The session explored fundamental questions on how to design sustainable school campuses that effectively lower long term operating costs for school districts in California. Drawing on extensive data assessing the performance of schools on new and existing campuses in Los Angeles, the speakers reflected on program intent versus recorded outcomes , how to bridge the gap of predictive performance with actual performance of buildings. How is building performance assessed and who is responsible when a building is not performing as designed? There was also discussion on how real estate owners are benefiting from innovative financial structures whereby a third party takes the responsibility for the cost of design, build, operate and maintain central plants and in return the owner buys chilled and hot water for a fixed rate for a set period normally 20 years.

Using a recent study authored by GreenWorks Studio of Harley Ellis Devereaux on behalf o f the LAUSD to evaluate the effectiveness of CHPS certified facilities on over 80 campuses as a jumping off point, the panelists reflected on the initial findings and explored optional approaches to effective energy conscious design while addressing questions such as: Within the current context of severely limited public funding, where should capital investments be focused? How do we assess the effectiveness of holistic certification programs? How do we assess the values and benefits of high performance learning environments designed according to sustainable principals versus programs exclusively focused on lowering energy costs? Should we be concentrating on efficiency in new construction, or should we be more focused on re-valuating the performance of existing, aging campuses? How does campus typology affect the inherent potential for lowering operating costs?

Bill Owens, Trustee, Yolo County Board of Education and Attorney, Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP
Diane Waters, Senior Architect, School Facilities Planning Division, CDE
Bharat Patel, Senior Vice President, Harley Ellis Devereaux / GreenWorks Studio
John R. Dale, FAIA, Principal, Director Pre-K-12 Studio, Harley Ellis Devereaux / GreenWorks Studio