HED hosts Open House for new IBio facility

November 17, 2015 -

HED hosts Open House for new IBio facility

Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) recently hosted an open house for the new Integrative Biosciences (IBio) Center to celebrate the architecture and design of the facility.

Designed by HED, the 200,000-square-foot IBio building is dedicated to studying health-related issues faced by local Detroit residents.

Wayne State University's newspaper The South End covered the Open House in one of their recent editions. Exceprts from the piece are below.

“Wayne State is the pillar and anchor of Detroit,” said Mike Cooper, president of Harley Ellis Deveraux. “I have never seen a city like this before in my lifetime.”  

He said Harley Ellis Deveraux is strongly connected to the city of Detroit by hiring recent graduates, helping with the city’s architecture and now its new IBio building.  “Every time we come to Detroit, it is a fun time,” Cooper said.

Sam Bayne, senior designer of the IBio building, said he had the best of both worlds designing a university building and a science and technology building.

“There are a lot of my buildings around this campus, but nothing like this,” Bayne said. “In the glass, we wanted the fridge to be seen so we had to make it large.” He said the building was originally built as an automobile service space. “It was an exercise,” he said. “We flipped our original plan and decided to put excitement on Woodward.”

Bayne said it was a bold move to make the IBio building progressive and attractive. He said the goal was to break away and give something fresh to the city.

“We have heard a lot of good feedback,” he said. “I am extremely proud that it will serve Wayne State for the test of time.”

Bayne said that he is confident the IBio building will inspire the people who are conducting research in the facilities.