The Technical Workplace

June 12, 2013


Today's work tasks demand more than a typical office, studio or lab. We yearn for places designed to help us increase speed to market, integrate complex systems, develop creative multi-disciplinary insights and apply technological innovations. These passions drive new business models, operational modes, and organizational cultures - they are what "the technical workplace" is all about.

It's not about measuring occupancy - it's about celebrating innovation and the products of people working together

In the world of biomedical research, for example, "team science" has emerged as the model to meet the challenges of generating new drugs, treatments, and programs for specific demographics. Disciplines previously isolated in their own specialized environments - basic science in wet labs, computational science in dry labs, social research in the field - now want the benefits of working together.

The new Wayne State University Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Building was designed to attract researchers from a broad spectrum of scientific pursuits into a new type of space that inspires the behaviors and practices of team science.

Shaped around "themes of research" rather than departments, the design features socially intelligent spaces, transparent laboratories, large-scale electronic displays and work settings that reconfigure easily allowing the space to flex for the functions that occur in this technical workplace.


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