Children’s Hospital of Michigan: Eliminating Waste Through Alternative Delivery Process

November 2, 2015

The design of the new Detroit Medical Center (DMC), Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Troy Specialty Center is focused on the patient and flow through the experience. A no wait operation and environment that supports the design was the intention. The purpose of the design was to eliminate process and building waste through functionality improvements and testing alternative processes and then making adjustments based on these findings. The design team, which consisted of DMC, Simpler and Harley Ellis Devereaux, developed full-scale mockups of all floors, following the Lean lead of Simpler and in conjunction with Harley Ellis Devereaux trained Lean staff, the process resulted in a decrease of the overall area of the building by 12 percent from anticipated original programming. The engagement of staff/physicians in the process of physically building the space through mock-ups demonstrated several benefits. Through idea generation, testing, adjustment, and consensus around operational improvement, a design was developed that would not have occurred through traditional methods.

The new Specialty Center is a large, three-story building that contains emergency, surgery, diagnostics, clinics, and specialty services.

The project is scheduled to open in February 2016.