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A Sense of Community. As a proud member of our communities, we take pride in participating and giving back. Here are just a few of the ways we engage our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

Whether mentoring high school students in search of a profession or sponsoring design competitions for the cities of the future, we enjoy committing ourselves to our communities and giving back whenever and wherever we can. It's in our blood.

Verbum Dei High School Students visit HED Los Angeles

June 19, 2014

Verbum Dei High School Students visit HED Los Angeles

The Los Angeles office had a great opportunity to host several high school students from Verbum Dei High School earlier this month. The students that came had demonstrated achievement in math and science and had expressed an interest in learning more about careers in Architecture & Engineering. It was very well received by the students and faculty/staff that accompanied them. A huge thank you goes out to Petrina Gooch for arranging and hosting this event, Caroline Geys for filming and Tania Van Herle, John Dale, Mariana Boctor, Daniel Gehman and Bharat Patel for presenting. Each of the presenters shared not only their expertise, but a bit of their personal story.

Highlights of the session included:

·         Welcome – Tania and Petrina

·         Learning Environments for the 21st Century – John and Marina

·         Hands “On Design Your Own School” – John and Mariana

·         A humorous take on LA housing – Daniel

·         Office Tour – Petrina

·         Sustainability on 3 contents – Bharat

If you are not familiar with Verbum Dei High School or the Cristo Rey School Corporate Work Study Program please see the following link to learn about it.

We are optimistic that we may have inspired a couple of future architects/engineers.